Navigation Exam : Passed

Navigation  - PPL3

Navigation – PPL3

Having done my four dual navigation lessons, only 2 land away lessons remained before my first solo navigation.  The catch being, if you’ve not passed the Navigation exam, you can’t go on your first solo nav.  So time was becoming of the essence.

Put a date in the aero club diary ~2.5 weeks away – you can read the books, but you revise better once there’s a deadline.

Both practice papers I did came out as 84% and there was some very questionable flight computer results in the answers of the book (but that will always be the flaw of such mechanical machines).

Passed :  84%

Not my best score and I think the margins of error on mechanical things may have got me on one question for sure, but that doesn’t matter now.

Yay!!! We can go flying far away on our own now, very soon!

A huge relief because I really hadn’t planned in any contingency time had I needed to resit.


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