Lesson 9: Turning (Abandoned Crosswind)

Attempt 2 to get this lesson in the bag was called off even sooner than the first.

On arrival to the aero club the sky was looking less than great but not entirely without hope, but the wind was really starting to pick up across the runway.

In the off chance it calmed my instructor sent me out to check the plane (Charlie Bravo…..again), but within 15 minutes she was walking over to tell me to stop as this was just not going to happen today, the wind was at its limits across the runway.

There’s always part of you that wants to get up there and keep progressing with the lessons, but in reality the lessons are better when done in good weather.

Thankfully there was another slot free just a day or so away so I booked that one up…….the weather is looking 50/50, but you never know.

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