Lesson 12: Spiral Dives (Cancelled) / Revising for Air Law

Well I guess I knew my luck on the weather wouldn’t last this late into the year.  Booked as back-to-back lessons the second part had to be cancelled (before I even got to the aero club, which is a rare thing) due to gusting winds going up to 36kts.   It’s a shame, as it’s always nice to tick related lessons off as close together as you can and then move on to the next topic, but it’ll get there – try again a week on Saturday and see what the gods of weather think about going flying then.

Meanwhile I’ve been busy reading up on air law.  On a recommendation from someone at the aeroclub that the Simplifier was invaluable to them passing, my wife got me a copy (ordered while talking about it driving up the M6 – mobile Internet is a good thing!). I can see where they’re coming from, I’ve found it very useful in identifying my weaker areas of revision.

You don’t do it intentionally, but there are bits of the subject that will always interest you more then others.   Or chapters that are say 2-3 pages long which you never seem to flick to in the book…….those seem to be the areas that don’t get enough time spent on them and then when you pick a few sample questions from the simplifier book, you realise “ahhh maybe I need to go back and look at that topic again.”

Right now Search & Rescue, runway distances and associated names for each part – and finally when and for what the various air reports should be filed, all needs a bit more work.   The rest I’m beginning to feel quite confident about, so it’s coming together.

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