45 Hours in the Air….a lot more studying!

This blog aims to achieve two things:

  1. Document every step of the way to hopefully achieving my private pilots license.
  2. Keep me writing things down!   Practical is fun, revision can be tedious – but most research says you learn it faster if you write it down, so lets see 🙂

….and maybe along the way someone else will find it interesting or even useful in one way or another.

It’s going to be about flying and nothing but flying.

3 Responses to 45 Hours in the Air….a lot more studying!

  1. KEvin says:


    Kev here just found your blog. Very intresting reading looking forward to following this as you go though. Looking to start my PPL next year once the cash is saved can I ask where your doing yours? Also how are you finding the theory side have you passed any ground exams?

    Hope you dont mind



  2. Tom says:

    I have now had my PPL(G) for a year and was browsing to find some more background info to help my understanding.
    Congratulations on this blog which I found well written, down to earth (if a flying blog can be) and very useful.
    I must say that I found the radio communication the most difficult – it has taken me most of the year to get over my natural gibberishness on the radio

    • PHC says:

      Congrats on the license and thanks for the comments on the blog.

      Whereabouts did you train for it? The radio isn’t always helped by the fact the books will tell you the proper phraseology, then you get up and listen to others and realise bad habits have crept in and so it sounds even less like what you were expecting.

      Enjoy the gyro flying.


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