Total Washout : Rain, Rain and more Rain…

Lots of Rain on the Windows

Nothing but Rain.

April was a bad month and resulted in almost all lessons being cancelled, June was the wettest in a hundred years and now July is looking like a total washout as well.

Second lesson of this month cancelled, due to an almighty downpour – it was so bad that you didn’t need the forecast to know the phone was going to ring to cancel, a look outside the window at 8am told you all you ever needed to know about the weather for the rest of the day!

Not much you can do about these things – but I’ve decided to head down to the aero club and book up plenty of weekends for August to try and get things back on track (if the sun ever decides to come out this summer).

It does provide a good reason to sit down with the Human Factors book and get cracking with the revision for that, as it’s the next exam to take.

See what the weather holds next week I guess…..

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