Human Factors Exam : Passed

To give the exam it’s full and proper name:  “Human Performance & Limitations”, not one I’d been really enthused to learn, but it exists for good reason so my plan of attack was to crack on and get it out of the way “early” in the chain of exams and then have one less to worry about and be able to focus on the bigger topics of Meteorology & Navigation.

The club said most people tend not to use the full 30 minutes.   I think I was done in around 20, then spent 10 checking the 3 questions I was a bit on the fence about and re-checking the entire paper for anything really silly (like starting from question 2 etc.)

I returned to the club admin office literally to the second of the 30 minute alarm going off, perfect timing 🙂

………and the result?      90%

I got one question rather embarrassingly wrong (a moment where you realise what you’ve done about 10 minutes after getting home, doh!).   The other, I have no idea and I think it’s best we leave it that way.

Now to open up Meteorology.    It’s moments like this you realise teachers at school were trying to teach you something you actually would use later in life 😉

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