Flights Cancelled by Wind & Cloud

Recently I’ve lapsed on my general rule of booking 33% more lessons then I actually want or can technically make, it’s just been a busy few weeks and actually it’d been a pretty good run without a cancellation……but it couldn’t run forever.

So a couple of weekends back it was 25-35 knot gusting wind, scratching that lesson.

This weekend I was booked in for some less ‘sensible’ flying in the Extra 200, that was looking good all morning, but upon arrival to the aero club the Met Office had other ideas and within ten minutes wiped 2,000ft off the cloud base 🙁     What I really wanted to do with this session was some spinning, so for that we’d need a good few thousand feet, with the clouds down at 1,800 it was never going to happen.

So a couple of weeks of cancellations, but we’ll try again in a few days.   A couple of hours of blue sky can’t be too much to ask for can it?

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